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Bioderma Game '14 is the new mobile application that encourages Bioderma products sales in drugstores.

The commercial delegates assign sales challenges to drugstores, which will earn points that can be exchanged for prizes.

In addition, a complete training program promotes new products and increases their sales.

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<b>One code</b> to rule them all

One code to rule them all

All the business logic lives in Corus, avoiding repetitive code through different client apps and making the addition of new platforms easy.

Smart <b>Notifications</b>

Smart Notifications

The system sends push notifications automatically to drugstores with expiring challenges. It also informs the commercial delegates when any of their drugstores completes a challenge.

Corus <b>Custom Logic</b>

Corus Custom Logic

Thanks to custom scripts, the system calculates the drugstores ranking per zone and gathers complex actions into new REST methods that extend the Corus API.

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<b>Events</b> & Conversion Rates

Events & Conversion Rates

The application generates key events needed for the project success analysis. Academy usage details, completed challenges or achieved milestones, points summary… Everything throughout charts, lists and Excel files for helping you with the data exploitation.

100% integrated with lets Bioderma manage all their mobile applications through a unique backend, providing advanced statistics of their projects and letting them cross contents between them.

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2 months

Release date:

January / 2014

Backend Platform:
Additional notes:

The project takes full advantage of Corus: Scripts, push notifications, triggers, events...


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