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In this project, has worked with Gimage Player, a platform designed for the digital communication company Gimage offering a solution for the installation of screens in pharmacies and the display of content (videos, presentations, images, etc.). One strength we should highlight is the possibility that pharmacists themselves can manage the content displayed, either using that offered by Gimage or creating their own personalised content. has worked on the implementation of a new player for the digital signage solution Samsung Smart Signage Platform, achieving a more economical product that is very easy to install and maintain.

Gimage Player is aimed not only at pharmacies, it is also available in other corporate sectors: Nestlé Spain and ING Direct, for example, have also implemented players.

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Samsung <b>Smart Signage Platform</b>

Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Although the Samsung Smart Signage Platform technology is very recent, has already developed many projects with this platform, which has great advantages: it helps save time and money compared to the use of a conventional computer with a screen, the applications are developed exclusively in HTML5 and can work offline, etc.

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<b>Smart</b> Architecture

Smart Architecture

With Gimage Player, we have moved from using equipment with a screen and Adobe Flash technology, which is hardly used nowadays, to the implementation of a single device using HTML5 that is compatible with any platform: tablets, smartphones, web browsers, etc.

It is so easy to use (all you have to do is start up the device and enter the URL of the application) that there is no need for technical support, and the pharmacists themselves can take charge of switching it on.

Thanks to the innovative Corus tool, customers can manage the solutions implemented easily and autonomously. Among other functions, Corus makes it possible to obtain and display usage statistics in real time, manage different users and devices, recode videos, monitor the status of the devices, etc., all without the need to develop these functions specifically for the platform.

In addition, the change to a modern architecture has simplified the installation and maintenance process, which means each device can be managed remotely.

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<b>HTML5</b> Player

HTML5 Player

Thanks to the migration to HTML5 of an obsolete player with content developed in Adobe Flash, it has been possible to improve the performance of the devices, making existing content compatible with the new technology.


Our partner:


About 3 months for replacing the old architecture with the new Samsung SoC one and the multiplatform core.

Release date:

February / 2014

Backend Platform:
Additional notes:

All devices can work without internet connection (offline mode ready).


Node Webkit
Appcelerator Titanium
Web Sockets