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H&M Inspired is the meeting point between the best fashion ideas and the latest music. Bloggers share their tips and up-to-the-minute design suggestions. With H&M Inspired, brings you the latest trends offered by H&M.

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A <b>responsive website</b> that’s always in fashion

A responsive website that’s always in fashion

H&M Inspired is outstanding because it’s a responsive blog: whatever device you use (desktop computer, smartphone, tablet...), it will always display with top quality, providing the best possible user experience.

<b>Tumblr</b> at 110%

Tumblr at 110%

Thanks to integration with technology, at H&M Inspired different external content can be managed in Tumblr and extra functions added. For example, the “Bloggers” function can be used to manage the forms and accesses of the bloggers publishing content and extra photos of clothing collections can be added in the “Collections” section. They are displayed in a slider and scaled to optimum resolution for the device.


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About 3 weeks of development.

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June / 2014

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Graphic design provided by VICE.


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