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Jardin Secret

Every woman has a secret

Jardin Secret is a unique concierge service that proactively suggests new experiences relevant to the customers of the first luxury mobile phone uniquely tailored to women.

Unlike other existing concierge services that can only respond to a customer’s request, the service will anticipate the customer’s needs based on their location.

Thanks to the Corus services, our partner Protein can combine location based services, personal user profiles and multiple luxury service partners into a mobile phone application.

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<b></b>, the brain, the brain, the (BaaS) Backend as a Service, is the powerful link between the CRM, CMS, Device management and your mobile Apps.

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<b>Agile Product</b> Development

Agile Product Development

Stress-free location & push services, events able to trigger your custom logic… and everything out of the Corus box. Ideal for advanced featuring apps like Jardin Secret.

Know your <b>Customers</b>

Know your Customers

Know how your customers use the app, give them the best support. With deep device details for easy decision making.

Focused on <b>Privacy</b>

Focused on Privacy

Using a foreground service, that remains in the notifications bar, allows users to be aware of when the suggestions engine is active. And they have the ability to disable it for a Private Mode.

Discreet and <b>Secure</b>

Discreet and Secure

The architecture uses the most secure communication channels to guarantee the customers privacy.

Savelli ringtones composed by

Stéphane Pompougnac

Native pre installed Android App available in Savelli luxury phones
Our partner:


It took 2 months for the first version. The app has received several updates since then.

Release date:

January / 2014

Backend Platform:
Additional notes:

The App GUI was designed by Max Spencer with Protein project management.


Appcelerator Titanium + Protein CRM Platform
ROM by Symphony Teleca
Android foreground services