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The prestigious Josh Lilley contemporary art gallery, in the heart of London, has won a great reputation for discovering young talent, valuing their creations intelligently and then putting them on sale to very famous collectors, such as Charles Saatchi and Donald and Mera Rubell., together with the well-known London typography studio Fraser Muggeridge, has completely overhauled the gallery’s website, based on the WordPress platform. The overhaul has included the design of a customised typography for the gallery, minimalist site design, responsive development and migration to Corus.

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Who said <b>Times New Roman</b> had gone out of fashion?

Who said Times New Roman had gone out of fashion?

The overhaul focused on promoting the works of art without any distractions, using clean, light surroundings. To achieve this, enjoyed the excellent collaboration of the award-winning Fraser Muggeridge studio, a specialist in typography design.
From WordPress <b>to</b>

From WordPress to

Apart from adapting the website with an updated, contemporary, responsive design, has also developed a back-end entirely based on Corus. Thanks to this technology, the client has a much simpler and more intuitive content management tool and a design worthy of a well-known art gallery like Josh Lilley.

Ready for <b>mobility</b>

Ready for mobility

Thanks to the responsive development, visitors can display the website perfectly on any kind of monitor or device, from large monitors to latest-generation smartphones and tablets.

Large, <b>high-performance</b> images

Large, high-performance images

To be able to provide high-quality, large size images, good web hosting is necessary. Thanks to technology, we can alter the size and quality of images depending on the size of the screen they are being displayed on. This optimises the user experience, obtaining better performance and efficiency.

<b>Unified management</b> from

Unified management from brings together all the tools necessary for managing the website, from the different content and usage statistics to security copies.

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About 3 months for the entire site upgrade.

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December / 2014

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Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio


Bespoken sliders with CSS3 animations and transformations.