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Trendland Online Magazine is quickly claiming the leading edge of organic, spontaneous trend information. The relatively young e-zine (2006) has gained a significant following among international trend-watchers and design addicts alike. Relentlessly pushing the limits in both rare content and alluring web design, the site is a beacon for voracious aesthetes around the world.

Trendland aims to be the source for trend forecasters, professional and otherwise while redefining web media and becoming a techno-savvy hybrid of a magazine, art gallery and television all in one. Relying solely on organic marketing, Trendland has carved out their niche as a respected influence in the fashion landscape.

We have focused on adding a native app version of the blog without being intrusive on the website architecture, providing the best performance when serving so many huge and beautiful pictures to mobile devices.

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Adding a blog mobile app <b>without stressing the current platform</b>

Adding a blog mobile app without stressing the current platform

The key to this project was adding a mobile app without touching anything from the current platform. So we developed a synchronisation engine that brings the blog contents to the Cloud, even images, without adding or replacing a line of code of the blog site. The mobile app consumes just the Cloud contents, avoiding stressing or overloading the current site hosting.

<b>Performance</b> in mind

Performance in mind

We deliver the contents from the Cloud with image resizing on the fly. Each device receives the minimal amount of pixels needed, depending on screen size and bandwidth. Even low connection speed devices can enjoy a good performance.

Taking advantage of <b>great pictures</b>

Taking advantage of great pictures

Trendland is plenty of cool photos, so we wanted to make them shine in the app. The app shows a different splash screen each time you open it and uses a powerful caché engine. But really, have you seen those cool pictures??

<b>Protein Ads</b> platform integration

Protein Ads platform integration

Protein can change the in-app ads campaign at any time, and we deliver those changes immediately to the app.

Google <b>Analytics</b>

Google Analytics

Are you used to Google Analytics and you are not using Corus yet? Not a problem. We can integrate your apps with the services you feel comfortable with, like Google Analytics in Trendland.

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May / 2013

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The App GUI is a mix between Protein and


Cloud engine
Live image transformations
Protein Ads Platform integration