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UDON Noodle Bar & Restaurant

The UDON restaurant chain, originally from Barcelona and now expanding throughout the country, began with the casual food culinary concept, combining fast food and speed without forgetting the quality of the ingredients and some very affordable prices. UDON has established itself as the top noodle bar chain in the country and has achieved recognition from the media and, still more importantly, its customers. In addition, thanks to its recently launched website (created by Totbits), it is possible to order online easily and conveniently.

In this new project, has developed a mobile app for UDON (for iOS and Android), making it possible to place orders from a smartphone or tablet, with the best user experience.

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The best app for <b>the best noodles</b>

The best app for the best noodles

Thanks to the power offered by native development, combined with high-quality design and an easy purchasing process, we have managed to take the mobile purchasing experience to a different level. Of course the best noodles deserve the best app!

For <b>delivery</b> or for <b>take away</b>?

For delivery or for take away?

You won’t find any limits when it comes to ordering your noodles. Do you want them delivered to your home? Place your order directly with the app and pay with credit card or by PayPal. Would you prefer to collect them? Let the app find the nearest UDON restaurant and you can go and pick up your noodles in 15 minutes. It’s that easy!

<b>Development cycle</b> “powered by”

Development cycle “powered by”

Thanks to the development version distribution system incorporated in, it has been possible to considerably optimise the distribution and testing of new versions during the application development cycle.

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Our partner:


About 2 months of development.

Release date:

April / 2015

Backend Platform:

Additional notes:

Backend services provided by Totbits Solutions.


Appcelerator Titanium for native multiplatform apps, iOS & Android.